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Simone is amazing! One of the most intuitive, intelligent and empathetic therapists I have encountered.  A genuine professional who has the profound understanding to really reach the core of your issues.  I always feel incredibly grounded, centred and positively adjusted following each session with Simone.


Simone’s massages are nothing short of incredible. I will even confidently go as far to say they are the best I have ever had. Simone doesn’t miss a beat and manages to create the most nurturing, soul nourishing space to really allow for healing and relaxation. I always leave a massage with Simone feeling lighter and filled with so much gratitude for having found her. She truly has a gift!!


Simone is professional, caring, compassionate and an amazing therapist. She has a great skill set and knows just which tools to pull out of her tool box to help you deal with whatever issue you are going through. Simone does not try to fix you but empowers and supports you when the wheels need realigning. I found the sessions with Simone to be extremely relaxing and very nurturing. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a tune up with the soul mechanic!

Angela G

You know, there’s Reflexology and then there’s Simone at Soul Mechanic. My wife started going a few years ago, and said to me ‘Give it a go’. Being the complete sceptic I made the appointment, (not knowing what to expect at all) and now I’m a convert. Simone is so totally serene, gentle and has a deep knowledge of natural therapies, and cares for the holistic nature of all her clients. It’s the most relaxing experience, you can’t help but drift off during a session, only to be woken gently by the deep audible thrum of her singing bowl. Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️


I'm a huge lover of alternative therapies, but as much as a therapy can be great. The true magic happens when you find someone special to provide you with that therapy. After moving to Sydney, a close friend suggested I see Simone after I explained how much I missed my London reflexologist. I had resigned myself to life in Sydney without a therapy I knew was good for my soul. I have used reflexology in my life during times of excessive stress, going through infertility then IVF, being a new twin mom, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, migraines... it is truly a therapy that can help with so many health issues or just be a regular maintenance for optimal health. Finding Simone, her passion, connection and ability to really tap into me is very special. Every treatment is unique, savoured + the next one eagerly anticipated. Book a session. You. Will. Not. Regret. It.

Angela N

Having lived in Asia for 20 Years, massage was easily accessible and inexpensive - a weekly indulgence. - and then on returning to Aus I was lucky enough to find Simone! Simone’s massage therapy combined with reflexology is on another level! She has an incredible gift of somehow feeling energetically exactly where your injuries, aches and pains are. (And I have my share of injuries) - including torn shoulder tendons which was pain free after my first session! Therapeutic, healing & amazing ! Simone is a highly skilled, professional & empathetic practitioner - one in a million ? Book a session with Simone - you will not regret it. ??


Lucky me! I started doing yoga with Simone about 3 years ago & was blown away by her knowledge, genuine passion & commitment to her work. ‘Work’ seems too harsh a word here as what Simone does seems more like her love & life purpose. Simone combines her extensive knowledge of the body, yoga, reflexology & aromatherapy to provide classes that are easily adapted to every person’s needs. Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced level ‘yogi’, Simone teachers at all levels. She listens, responds & intuitively delivers what you are seeking, both physically and emotionally - as we all  know the two are intrinsically intertwined. Going to yoga with Simone each week helps me de-stress from work and reconnect with my mind, body & soul. It’s ‘me time’. It’s helps me look after my body, my inner self and my relationships with others.  I’ve also had the privilege of receiving a massage from Simone which again combines all her knowledge & passion for different therapies into an amazing, relaxing & rejuvenating experience. Simone gives 110% to the service & care of others & I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


My massage with Simone was not just a massage but the most amazing experience I have ever had with a body treatment.  chose Lomi Lomi massage, which she incorporated reflexology, pressure point, Tibetan Singing bowls, essential oils sprays, Reiki and more. Everyone must have an experience with Simone!!! You will be back for more! WOW!!!


Amazing!! Simone’s reflexology treatment is pure bliss. I have had one myself and treated my mum to one also and we both loved it. Her reflexology skills are top notch, the space is relaxing and you will leave floating on air!! Highly recommend!!


Some people just have a super magic touch and Simone is one of those people. The entire experience of my first ever reflexology treatment was First Class all the way, including the beautiful calm space, the time taken, as if the world can go on hold and just wait, not to mention the comfort and the touch. I’ve been going to Simone’s Yin Yoga classes for 5 years now, and they have been so beneficial, and very enjoyable, (l soooo love your dry humour Simone!) They have evolved into a space where she very generously shares her knowledge, if we want to take it with us and also sprays her addictive aromatherapy room sprays, which now infuse my home. There’s a range of aromatherapy sprays and roll on perfumes that should be on everyone’s wish list! Just go and see for yourself! X


In a world where so many of us unknowingly suffer with the modern malaise of 'hurry sickness' it is somewhat comforting to know that people like Simone exist with a fervent desire to listen, understand, treat and heal against a backdrop of informed wisdom and experience in the form of alternative medicine. My busted shoulder made more progress after my first visit to Simone than it had in the entire 3 weeks prior. Today was my second session and I am positively buoyed by the mobility and pain reduction that I am now experiencing. Thanks for being so caring and so genuinely nurturing Simone. I am humbled by your unconditional investment in me and my wellbeing.


I have had massages all over the world & I would highly recommend Simone. I will be back for more of the magic soon. I love your work gorgeous girl.


Best reflexology sessions for years. Deeply relaxing and a very holistic approach. Definitely going to make this a regular thing. Can't recommend Simone enough.


Simone is a beautiful soul and her caring nature comes through in the healing work she does. Highly recommend her.

Angela G

I can honestly say that the massage that I received from Simone was the best one I've had. Not only was it incredibly relaxing but she really worked on a shoulder issue for me and it's already feeling much better. I couldn't recommend her high enough. 90 minute massage and reflexology too which I had never had before so that was fascinating. I felt like I was walking on a cloud when I left! Go treat yourselves people, you won't regret it ?  Such bliss!


Simone is Immensely Gifted in her ability to work with the body. I have been fortunate enough to receive her Massage and Reflexology treatments and can honestly say I am addicted! I have confidently referred other friends and clients to Simone's wonderful clinic for nurturing and rejuvenation and shall continue to do so, she is a Gem. Thankyou


Today I had a beautiful treatment with the lovely Simone. I’ve just had a baby and needed some much needed relaxation. Simone was very friendly and professional, her knowledge was outstanding and I learnt a lot about my body, I told Simone problem areas and she worked on them. I didn't realise how effective reflexology was. I felt a lot more relaxed and rested once I left, I will definitely be having more sessions in the future . Thanks so much!

Vishudda Chakra

Through her reflexology and her yoga Simone has an amazing capacity to wash away the hustle and bustle of the outside world and create a place of incredible calmness that can equally heal both body and mind. She has a first rate knowledge of the workings of the body and seems to intuitively pinpoint any problem areas and knows just what is required to heal whatever may be broken with incredible results. Simone is genuinely one of a kind.


I’ve been a regular of Simone’s yoga classes all year. Her calm, soothing voice and sense of humour have made her classes a ‘must have’ in this crazy year of 2020. Not only does your body feel good, but so does tour mind. Knowing how blissfully relaxed I’ve felt after some of her classes, I can easily imagine how good some of her other recommended therapies would be!

Vishudda Chakra

Simone’s yoga classes are always a pleasure to be in. She has a natural presence that allows her to create an atmosphere of peace and calm with each class, they’re always a journey. She has a vast range of knowledge, not only showing the posture but its relationship and function within the body, that keeps you focused and on the inner journey.


Simone’s yoga classes are like no other. Her knowledge is exceptional, her energy is both uplifting and light-hearted and everyone, regardless of ability, is made welcome. In every session participants are lovingly taken on a journey within and leave feeling reconnected and calm. As for her Reflexology sessions, OMG, they’re blissful to say the least and get right to the point, excuse the pun.


My experience with Simone was surprising as i came in feeling very stressed from the rigours of daily life. The Reflexology treatment left me feeling refreshed, deeply relaxed and very calm of mind. I highly recommend it.


I have been receiving regular reflexology treatments from Simone to improve my health and well-being. It’s been a most valuable investment as I notice improvements with each session. Simone is a knowledgeable and effective practitioner who creates a space of nurturing and healing.


I kept saying for years “I have to give this a go” and I wish I had when I first heard Simone talk of it. I was unsure about reflexology but I trusted Simone having attended her yin yoga classes for years. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Simone also makes it an amazing experience so not only has she assisted me with chronic back pain but I got the joy of “me time” in a relaxed and peaceful environment whilst knowing I was in the hands of a skilled professional. Thanks Simone


Simone's massages are life changing, the way that she makes you feel from the minute you walk in. I cannot recommend her enough. She makes you feel simply amazing and that carries into the rest of your life. She is a blessing and should be part of everyone's life.


Mind blowing reflexology treatment. I never really understood Reflexology till I saw Simone. The science is still new to me but I know that when I get the treatment, I feel relaxed and very grounded. Reflexology to me feels like I've had a full body massage, but a much deeper state. I can't recommend Simone enough. Highly professional, with a deep understanding in her field.


Simones professionalism and magic hands make a session at soul mechanic a truly wonderful and relaxing experience.. highly recommend.


The best reflexology treatment. I always feel so grounded and connected to my body after my sessions with Simone. She always makes me feel so relaxed and at ease from the minute I arrive. Simone is absolute magic. So lucky to have found her. Thank you for another great treatment and can’t wait for my next one already.



Intuitive holistic bodywork integrating Lomi Lomi & Ka Huna Massage to create beautifully relaxing and deeply nourishing experiences.


Subtle yet powerful complementary therapy that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal and restore balance to optimise wellbeing. 


Offering Vinyasa and Yin yoga practices in one-on-one or private group sessions.


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing practice that utilises natural plant extracts to enhance physical, mental and emotional health.

Services & Pricing

Integrated holistic health treatments designed to suit individual’s needs. Blending of beautiful healing modalities to enhance the healing & nurturing experience.

For further details, please refer to ‘Treatments’ pages.

 60 min $130/90 min $170 
60 min $120/90 min $150 
Private Yoga 
60 min $120/90 min $150 
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