Align Body, Mind and Soul.

Welcome to Soul Mechanic.

My name’s Simone Bourgeois and I am holistic health practitioner with over 10 years of experience working within the health and wellbeing industry.

Passionate and intuitive practitioner with experience and diversity of interests stretching across a variety of modalities including Yoga, Reflexology, TCM, Hawaiian Bodywork, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Health Coaching.

My services infuse complementary healing therapies that beautifully blend science with spirituality to create deeply nourishing and rejuvenating experiences that leave you feeling lighter, clearer and freer wth a calmer disposition.

My intention is to treat the whole person rather than merely the presenting symptoms, understanding the symbiotic relationship interwoven between all aspects of our being that affect the whole. Aim to create relaxing and rejuvenating experiences hat revive and restore for more alignment and balance to counteract the stressors of our modern day lives.

As a strong and supportive advocate for holistic wellness, my mission is to Inspire and Educate. Positively and proactively supporting clients in creating more radiant health and harmony for happier and healthier life.


Hatha Yoga Diploma
Vinyasa Yoga Diploma
Yin Yoga/Mindfulness Training
Remedial Massage Diploma
Reflexology Diploma
Heartworks Lomi Lomi
Ka Huna Bodywork
5 Elements Acupressure
Aromatherapy Certificate
Crystal Healing Therapy Certificate
Reiki Practitioner
Nutrition Certificate
Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
Certificate III Fitness
Certificate IV Personal Training
Yoga Therapy Training
Kids Yoga Teacher Training

*Professional member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

I’ve had a lot of massages and seeing a lot of therapist in the last few years but I can tell you now I have found someone special Simone has a Special Talent she make you feel so comfortable , relaxed and at peace of mind that by the end of the session I do not even want to get off the table. looking forward to my next appointment thank you Simone thank you 

Vishudda Chakra

Wonderfully relaxing, a terrific reset for your body. This was the best reflexology experience I have had. Simone is so knowledgeable and is happy to share her interesting information with you. I loved this and plan to come back again.

Amy L

Simone is amazing! One of the most intuitive, intelligent and empathetic therapists I have encountered.  A genuine professional who has the profound understanding to really reach the core of your issues.  I always feel incredibly grounded, centred and positively adjusted following each session with Simone.