Simone Bourgeois - Soul Mechanic



Simone Bourgeois - Soul Mechanic

Simone is professional, caring, compassionate and an amazing therapist. She has a great skill set and knows just which tools to pull out of her tool box to help you deal with whatever issue you are going through. Simone does not try to fix you but empowers and supports you when the wheels need realigning. I found the sessions with Simone to be extremely relaxing and very nurturing. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a tune up with the soul mechanic!

Angela G

Simone’s massages are nothing short of incredible. I will even confidently go as far to say they are the best I have ever had. Simone doesn’t miss a beat and manages to create the most nurturing, soul nourishing space to really allow for healing and relaxation. I always leave a massage with Simone feeling lighter and filled with so much gratitude for having found her. She truly has a gift!!



Simone is amazing! One of the most intuitive, intelligent and empathetic therapists I have encountered.  A genuine professional who has the profound understanding to really reach the core of your issues.  I always feel incredibly grounded, centred and positively adjusted following each session with Simone.



I can honestly say that the massage that I received from Simone was the best one I’ve had. Not only was it incredibly relaxing but she really worked on a shoulder issue for me and it’s already feeling much better. I couldn’t recommend her high enough. 90 minute massage and reflexology too which I had never had before so that was fascinating. I felt like I was walking on a cloud when I left! Go treat yourselves people, you won’t regret it 🙂  Such bliss!


Vishudda Chakra


Mind blowing reflexology treatment. I never really understood Reflexology till I saw Simone. The science is still new to me but I know that when I get the treatment, I feel relaxed and very grounded. Reflexology to me feels like I’ve had a full body massage, but a much deeper state. I can’t recommend Simone enough. Highly professional, with a deep understanding in her field.